Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. I forgot my Username/Password.
    • Go to forgot password/Username option and reset your password or get your username from there. If still you are not able to retrieve your data, write an email with your personal details at

  2. What I have to do, in case of loss of Mobile number or change of mobile number.
    • Kindly raise your issue vide email at

  3. How can I print my profile?
    • Candidate can print his/her profile information using “View Filled In Information” link.

  4. My Photo/Sign are not getting saved.
    • Photo should be in between 20 to 50 kb only and Sign should be in between 5 to 20 kb only.

  5. How do I get login credential (i.e. Email Id and Password) for logging in?
    • During the process of online registration, you will generate your own password and enter a Email Id. After submission of registration form, Candidates are advised to keep the Email Id and password confidential till the end of the process. Password is very important for participating in the Online Process. Sharing of password can result in its misuse by somebody else, leading to even exclusion of genuine candidate from the online process.

  6. What should I do if there is a delay in accessing the webpage/website.
    • Accessing the page is an internet/server based activity. Kindly use better internet connection or avoid peak hours.

  7. If I forget my password that I have created during the process of registration, how to retrieve it?
    • To retrieve the forgotten password, system facilitates the following process: Click on Forgot Password. Candidate is required to enter details like Name, Email Id and Date of birth as filled at the time of registration. The above data submitted by candidate will be validated with registered candidate's database. If the above entries match, only then the system will allow to create a new password.

  8. How do I move to the next step?
    • After filling the information in a step you have to click on save button. You will automatically redirected to the next step, if you have filled required information or you can click on next button to move to next step.

  9. I have made multiple payments through credit/debit card for single application. Whether the extra amount paid will be refunded back to me.
    • Yes, multiple payments made will get refunded.

  10. I paid the fees but there is some mistakes in my Application form what should I do?
    • You can cancel your submitted application once fee is paid. If a candidate cancels his/her application for any reason fee will not be refunded in any case.

  11. My degree name/course name etc. is not showing on combo/drop down list.
    • Kindly raise your issue vides email at with attached copy of your certificate having that particular information.